TO.MA-wood decor (Израиль)

TO.MA is a workshop of author's furniture, where I sell interior items made of precious wood encrusted with a deer horn. Animals have always inspired me but new interior items. It could be a chest of drawers or a closet, or maybe just a frame for your favorite photos. Directly from Israel, the workshop sends its furniture to different parts of the world. I created my brand, packaging and other style carriers to show my visual identity. The main goal of this project will be an elegant, strong and memorable creation. For his symbol, a deer head was drawn, an animal that inspired me. Red deer drops their horns so that we can decorate our creations with them and make the interior individual. Its main features are strength, long horns and harmonious facial features. In the lines of his face we coded the name of our studio and it is wonderful. All this was presented in such a way that the brand acted harmoniously and clearly in its work.

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